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For UAE Mums

Where To Buy Christmas Trees And Decorations in Dubai
The ultimate guide to your Xmas shopping...
The Ultimate List of Family-Friendly Halloween Events in Dubai
Celebrate Halloween in Dubai and enjoy a spooktacular season the whole family will love
Top 5 Family-Friendly Parks In Dubai You Must Visit
These are perfect for outdoor activities...
Top 6 Family-Friendly Places To Live in Dubai
Considering re-locating? We're here to help...
A Guide To The K-12 Education System in the UAE
What are the school years for different ages in the UAE? We take a look
Vaccination Schedule in the UAE
What vaccinations are given, when, and where to get them in the UAE...
The Most Common Maternity Packages Dubai
Here are some alternative options for uninsured residents...
Palmer’s New Hair Care Range, now in UAE
Say goodbye to frizzy hair, even if you live in the UAE...
4 Body Lotions To Give Your Skin The Care It Deserves
Magical potions to banish all your skin woes!
The Pros And Cons Of Both Breastfeeding And Bottle-feeding
To nurse or not to nurse? Deciding on breast vs. bottle
79 Children Have Been Rescued From Locked Cars In Dubai This Year
The Dubai Police shared the worrying fact this week to warn parents against doing it
5 Things To Look For In A School In Dubai
Looking for a school in Dubai? Here's 5 important things to consider
Family-Friendly Deals To Enjoy The Long Weekend in the UAE
5 deals on staycations in the UAE to enjoy this expected long weekend...
A School In Dubai Is Welcoming An Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
And find out where else you can enjoy the ice while living in Dubai
What Families Miss About Dubai When Leaving
Here's six things we're sure many Dubai mums miss when they travel
Breastfeeding in public in Dubai
You might be surprised to learn that breastfeeding in Dubai is well accepted
Good manners in children
Good manners are crucial values every child should develop.
Top 10 mum blogs in the UAE
Parenting can be quite confusing but these mums show you the bright side!
Staycation in the UAE
Here are 5 ways you can keep the kids busy right here in the UAE...
Summer in the UAE
There's plenty of fun stuff to do, even if it is hot outside...
Travelling with kids
With summer in full bloom, travel is on the minds of many...
Things you should never ask a mum
Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but don't mistake a mother's love for unconditional tolerance.
Wearing sunscreen for protection
If you grew up hearing the age-old 'wear sunscreen' mantra, now is probably the best time to take it seriously
Why cocoa butter is good for you
It's no denying that Cocoa Butter is the wonder elixir we've been looking for!
Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for face
A staff member tried Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil and we're all pleased with the result.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
We tried the Original and Dark Chocolate & Cherry.
Face oils in the summer
Face oils are fast becoming a part of everyone's daily skin care routine, so why should it be any different in the summer?
Looking after your skin during pregnancy
Why is it important to look at the products you use while pregnant?
10 Natural ingredients to prevent stretch marks
Try them for yourself!
Palmer's skincare products for mother and baby
It's cruelty-free and safe for both you and your little one.

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